Friday, September 22, 2006


A couple weeks ago Natalie and I were talking about compromise and justifying things.

I have noticed a ton of my friends in the past years get deeper and deeper into things they shouldn’t be doing! I realized that it all started from a little seed!

They were on fire for God and they let in just a little something and it grew and grew until now it’s effecting their everyday lives!!

Setting boundaries and sticking with them is so important! It’s one of the most important things you can do in your life! It’s a part of self control.

Whether it’s with movies, food, relationships, even the way you talk SET BOUNDARIES!!!

I have seen it happen way to many times where friends decide to say one little bad word…no big deal!! They think. Now they don’t care what they say!! Just from that little seed! Same with movies and other things! “Oh! This movie only has a little bit of ‘stuff’ in it…I can handle it!” Now they are watching some of the worst movies I have heard of! I’m not condemning them..because it’s their decision. But their decisions effect others and themselves!

Normally if you have to justify things for yourself it probably not the best thing to do! Trust me! Don’t start opening that door because once it’s open it just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Set guidelines for the things that you let in you! Remember that you are the temple of the holy spirit! What kind of house do you want to provide him with? One that is filled with trash? Or one that is clean!!?? Watch what you put in your eyes, ears, and even mouth! What goes in WILL come out!!!

I love you all!! I’ll try to post WAY more often than I have