Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A new outlook.

I was just having my devotional time this morning and God was speaking to me about my example.

He was showing me that I might be the only picture people see of Him! WOW!! You might be the only picture or example that people ever see of Jesus!! That carries more weight in the way we act, dress, talk, think, etc…

In the Bible it says they will know we are Christians by our love….but what if they already know that we are a Christian and we’re not loving or setting a good example? They’re going to get a bad taste in their mouth about Christians in general!

We need to in every area represent Jesus!

The way we act: What do you do that represents Jesus or doesn’t represent him? Take a minute to think about how you act in general. How does that represent God? If it’s not good then ask Him to show you how you are supposed to act the brings glory to Him not to yourself. Even if it's just smiling at people!! That makes their day and show's them God's love!!

The way we dress: How are you dressing? Does it cause guys to stumble? Does it look like you just got out of bed? How you dress also represents you AND God!! Because it’s how you come across…one of people’s first impressions of you! When you’re getting dressed each morning think, how does this represent me and God? Remember, you are a princess and you represent God in that way. So dress like one!!!!!!!

The way we talk: We need to make sure that the way we talk is reflecting God! I KNOW that this is hard sometimes cause we like to talk A LOT!! Lol! But know that in everything you say, it is a reflection of what’s really in your heart! When the world see’s us gossiping, swearing, etc. there is nothing different between us and them! But…when they see us building people up and responding in love it sets us apart and they then see what God is really like!!

Remember that God made us in HIS image and we are to look just like Him!! I recommend studying the Bible about love because that’s where it all starts! When you love others it comes out and that is when people truly see God. And the glory then goes to him! And that’s where it should be in the first place because we love Him so much!!

So take that to heart…show God to others today in every way! Let them see Him! You never know it might be their first time!!!!

Love you all!!


Thursday, August 10, 2006

A heart after God's heart.

Hey girls! Wow! I have had one busy summer so far!! No, I haven’t forgotten about you all!!:)
I had posted earlier that I was going to go through the whole Proverbs 31 verse by verse…I decided that I’m going to switch it up a little and just write what God speaks to me..and when it’s about Proverbs 31 then it will be about that…but I’m going to jump around on different topics again, including Prov. 31 Enjoy!!

God has been ministering me a lot lately about having a heart after his! A heart that is molded to be just what he wants it to be! It is so easy to start doing what we want and pray for the things that WE want…but what is God desire for us? I struggle with this all the time and I always have to come back to God surrender my plans and ideas to him. Letting him clear away any junk that I mixed into it and let him shape it into what he wants it to be!

I want to hear God so clearly and when my plans and ideas start getting in the way it is soooo hard to hear him! I fast every Wednesday just to get away and surrender everything to him. It is so important to do this! Even if it’s just sugar, tv, etc. Surrender something! It helps so much to kill that flesh that would try to rise up and get in the way of God’s plans! Fasting is like a form of death….in the sense that your giving up self and surrendering to God. When that “self” is dead it can’t get in the way of God speaking!

Another way to have a heart after God’s heart is to be a servant! God was just speaking to me yesterday about this! Being a servant is humbling and will shape and mold your heart to exactly how God is! This is one of the most difficult things for me…because I have 6 younger brothers and sisters..and when I want something and they are just sitting around I ask them to do things for me…sometimes it’s fine.. But when it becomes a habit of other people doing things for you, you get out of the habit of serving others!! So yesterday I specifically did things to kill that “flesh” even more by serving and helping out! Even though it is hard sometimes it is so worth it in the end when your heart is pure and clean just like God’s own heart!
I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful day!