Thursday, December 06, 2007

Take Action!

It's amazing what GOOD friends will do for you! They really get you thinking and keep you on the right track!
I've had some of the best conversations the past couple days especially about stepping out and doing what God has called you to.
I feel like we always wait and step out when it feels comfortable and everything is in place rather then stepping out when the waters seem rough and watch it all fall into place.
God really wants us to trust Him fully and His plan for us and if we just continue to wait until WE feel comfortable to do what He has called we'll never accomplish it or never to the potential that he has planned!
It is truly only OUR choice whether we live this life to the richest it can possibly be or just a safe(boring) life!

If God is guiding you into an area usually it is bigger than you think you can possibly do on your own. Which is His perfect plan because He doesn't want you to do it on your own in the first place! He wants to to ask for His help and wisdom! He LOVES to be needed and of course we DESPERATELY need Him especially if we hope to accomplish even just the smallest portion of all that He has called us to we'll need His help!

Sooo first. Find what areas of your life that you are holding back and waiting until you feel comfortable(because honestly you probably won't ever feel comfortable stepping out!).
Second. STEP OUT and TAKE ACTION! Really the only risk you are taking is to stay where you are...or go UP! So take your pick! :)
Third...and this should be during the whole time, ask God for His Wisdom on how to accomplish it as you step out and all along the way!
You will NEVER regret accomplishing what God has called you too! It's AMAZING and of course the most fulfilling thing!