Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just ask!

Well...at least I'm writing this within the month of the last one! haha!
God has really been ministering to me to write on this more..even if it's just short little things! I know it makes a difference! :)
I realized something last night that was small but really stuck out to me! I had stopped asking God for things that I wanted in life for the most part!
It is SOOO easy to get in the habit of completely relying on ourselves and our own abilities to accomplish and get things but why stop asking God or only ask him when we are in desperate need?? He is ALWAYS there!
My eyes were actually opened to this when I was thinking yesterday that I REALLY wanted to go to Hawaii sometime and wondering why I had never been...??
God then showed me that...duh...I hadn't asked Him for it!! I was just assuming that someday I'll eventually get around to going there..but who knows when! I almost saw it as impossible because I was looking at it in what I could do in my own strength and ability! So I sat down and said "God I'd like to go to Hawaii! I thank you that YOU have provided for that!" We simply need to ask! What in your life have you put on the back burner because you were only looking at in in how YOU could accomplish it rather than how God can work it out??? He is really opening my eyes now to how I've settled for less because I haven't looked to him as MY FATHER!! Wouldn't you ask your dad to provide for you in ways that you couldn't?? He is SOOOO far more faithful than any earthly father! Imagine that! :)
I love you all!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Are you pursuing money or fulfillment?

My friend's and I were talking about making money today and it really got me thinking...
What is our end result/goal/focus in what we are wanting to be when we get older? Is it to make more money?

I was looking at my finances last night and started to think...I want to make more money...what can I do to do that? Start up new businesses, do a workshop? But I had to stop. My goal was JUST to make more money which is most certainly not my end goal!
I HEARTILY believe in using your money wisely and making it grow...but when that is my only focus and the reason why I live...is to do that..I'm missing it completely!

When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer, graphic designer, and finally an architect solely because they made alot of money! Finally when I found one of my callings, photography, all the doors started opening up and I was doing it NOT because of the money but because I loved it and because I loved creating beautiful work and seeing people enjoy it!

This generation is SOOOO focused on making more money that we are NOT fulfilling our actual callings! I was driving down the street the other day and saw a lady sitting in her car all raggedy and looking like she hadn't slept in days and realized that she probably is not in her calling and then looked around some more and realized that probably 75% of the people I was driving past were not even in THEIR callings either! Whether they were driving a nice car or not!
They could be driving the nicest car, living in a mansion..yet still not fulfilling what they are called to because just making money is the focus!

If all we focus on is wanting to make more money we will literally NEVER be fulfilled! That's why so many people are lacking fulfillment and it's a total rat race because they think that having more things and money will bring that..yet it is never satisfying!

I really feel like if we find out and pursue what God has called us to do the doors will open for us and the money will follow! That the end result is NOT adding another dollar to the bank account but making a difference and impact in this world! That's why were here anyways right??

It's so incredibly awesome that you are at this stage right now and most likely haven't even entered that whole world yet and are finding this out now so that you don't have to get into that rat race! You can enter right into your calling! It's so easy right now!:)

What do you want your end result to be in your future job or career? If it's making money...you should PROBABLY be rethinking your life...and career! We're not just here to survive....or even to survive well...we're here to fulfill our callings and destinies, and through that we really will change the world!:)