Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm such a small ant!

I've had so many conversations lately of people not knowing where to head, directionless, life seeming too big and possibly having to end up settling. I hate it. I deal with it too sometimes. Where situations seem too overwhelming. Trying to take it into my own hands but realizing it's way heavier than I can even carry then left being stressed, sick, and tired. It's not how we were meant to live. And we actually don't have to, thankfulllly!

Last month I went back to Chicago in that very state... ready to give up and throw in the towel and just be normal and do something easy. I wrote down every problem that I had in my life. Literally everything I could think of...it was long. Finally after doing that and looking at it for awhile God asked me...."What's the problem here? I don't really see a problem." I realized I was looking at it all from the wrong perspective. If I saw it all from His view (a WAY birds-eye view BTW) it seemed pretty miniscule. Allllll already taken care of, provided for, wiped clean. He wasn't sitting up there going "Dang Sarah...yeah you got yourself quitttee the problems there..not sure how we're gonna figure this one out." No!!! He is holding it all yet I'm trying to be like..."Nah, I can carry it!!" How ridiculous does that even sound??

If instead of freaking out in every situation we sat down looked at things clearly removing crazy emotions and had God show us his perspective, how much easier would everything go!? We would be so much more peaceful, have so much more direction, and literally nothing would be too hard! How weird to think that that's actually possible.

Think of other things in life that you literally don't worry about cause you already know it's a small issue. It doesn't worry you a bit. Like how you're going to swim to the other side of the pool...well that used to be HUGE at one point! God has already conquered it all and for us as well. So how much simpler to see it as already conquered!!

If you look at Jesus' life...He ALWAYS had God's perspective on things. He was always bigger than every situation. Nothing stumped him. Why can't that be ours as well?

Let's stop being ants trying to run through a maze never being able to figure out our way, with a huge load on our backs as well, and rise above by asking God for His perspective in each area! He'll show you and you can soar above it! Get up off that ground!! It's litterally NO BIG DEAL!!!


Shyla said...

welcome back to the blog'o'sphere 'Dear Natalie" ;)

Sarah Brooke Austin said...


Thank you for that! I already knew a lot of what you wrote, but it put it in another perspective. Thank you again!

Jameel Aahmed said...

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